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Archive for Month: December 2020

Information about 3D scanning

3D scanning is a three-dimensional measurement device used to capture real-world objects or environments so that they can be recreated or analyzed in the digital world. In the recent period of 3D scanning, the machine does not require any contact with the physical object being captured3d scanning

laser scanning is ideally suited to the measurement and inspection of contoured surfaces and complex geometries which require massive amounts of data for their accurate description and where doing this is impractical with the use of traditional measurement methods.

Especially in the 3D scanning machine have two types 

  • laser scanners
  • structured light scanners

Laser scanners work by projecting a laser beam on the surface to scanned and measures in the laser scanner single laser or laser line can be used for scanning, and in the structured light scanning machine use of the pattern of light deformation on an object for understanding its 3-dimensional geometry. scanners use trigonometric triangulation

Uses of 3D scanning:

2.Rapid prototyping
3. Reverse Engineering
4.Design and manufacturing
6.Full-Body Scanning

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3D printing of electronics enclosures

Making electronic enclosure products takes a lot of effort but recently introduced a technology called 3D printing, gives a lot more space to create the electronic enclosures for your product. In this blog, you will know more about customized enclosures.


3D printing of electronics enclosures allows you to provide 100% Mechanical support for manufacturing the electronic enclosures, either it will be custom designed enclosures or rework on standard enclosures. also to design freedom lets a designer print a prototype or final part in a matter of hours and is much cheaper when compared to traditional manufacturing methods.


When you create your electronic device, the design of the enclosure is more important. To fill this important requirement, you can count on the ability of 3D printing to create complex shapes in a very short amount.


3D printing material gives you Rapid prototyping, high accuracy and flexibility.

You can make electronic enclosures in 3D print using abs plastic in customizing design


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