All over the world people are finding various technologies of 3D printing, it becomes easy to manufacture production. due to 3D printing increases the manufacturing quality of product

Industrial revolution

3Dprinting is an innovation that we can customize our own design in different materials.3D printing offers efficiency, customizability and accessibility to in the production.we can make any design production in the 3D printing from the use of cad.

The benefits of 3D printing is a rapid response, reduced production times, reduced lead times, mass-customized design, mass production, use of unique materials.


3d printing services in Pune

Industries We Served

Construction industry

In the construction industry so much transformation is happening due to the 3D printing technology. with the promise to easily design and create complex, especially building design the way we built is completely reimagined in the front of our eyes.

Due to 3D printing in the future 50% faster construction than our traditional construction the UAE many construction sites used the 3D printing technology for designing the building.

Space and beyond 

3D printing is also used in the aerospace industry to create products .In many aspects 3D printing is useful for the aerospace industry. Researchers are finding new applications CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY in space. different type of research also going like metal 3Dprinting without gravity,3D printed rocket engine

3D printers will become more versatile. able to print the different metals superalloys, nylon and chopped carbon fibres. software development will amplify the power of 3D printing

In2020,3Dprinting becomes one of the most transformational industry in technologies the .3D printers get faster and produce much greater volume than the old printers