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3D Modelling and Rendering Services in Pune


3D Modelling:

3D modelling is a process used to show graphical model of any 3 dimensional model. Basically it focuses on creating a 3-dimensional object on the CAD software, where computer interprets it as graphs and equations.

Objective of 3D Modelling: To give the object the physical properties as it would exist in the real world.

3D Rendering:

Rendering is all about creating an image using the 3D model and adding photos to realistic effects such as orientation and positioning of the camera, proper lighting and backgrounds. Rendering is needed, when aesthetic is the priority.

Objective of 3D Rendering:   It will give exact idea that how our model will look in outer environment.


3D Modelling and Rendering at 3D Era Technology

  • We have expertises that have 5+ years of experience in the field of 3D modelling and rendering.
  • We also have mentor person who has 15 years of industrial experience in the domain of Mechanical design.
  • Our company successfully delivered 27+ projects till the time and still counting.

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