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3d Printing Services Providers in Pune

3d Printing Services Providers in Pune

3D Printing Services Providers in Pune in demand

A market for 3D printing services providers in Pune is growing day by day. Considering growth of plastic products development in nearby future is huge. When we digging to the new product market, it shows how plastic is one of the most dominant material which is used for Prototyping of the new product or even for end user product manufacturing.

A traditional method of manufacturing of prototypes requires high cost and consumes more time. 3D printing has edge over the traditional methods.  It requires very less time as well as its low cost process.

There are so many 3D Printing Services Providers in Pune, but we give best and satisfactory outcomes to our client.

We highly believe in quality of the product. Our expert team never make any compromise with product finishing.


We are working with all three different processes of 3D Printing.

  • SLA (Stereolithography)
  • SLS (Selective Laser Sintering)
  • FDM (Fusion Deposition Modelling)

Materials we can use:

Nylon (P12), Glass Filled Nylon, Polyamide (Al + Nylon powder), Elasto-Plastic (Flexible), Sandstone (for making statues)

Accura 60 (Transparent), Accura 25 (White coloured with high strength), ABS 1050 (Translucent), ABS (White colour)

ABS (Black, blue, red, white, orange etc.), PLA (White, black, orange, blue etc.)

Steel 420, Steel 316, Silver, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Aluminium and Gold plated.

Our expertise will help you to choose the best material, which will suit your product application.

Issues with 3D Printing:

  • Sometime surface finish is not good (Part printed through FDM process).
  • Strength of the part

Solution by 3D Era Technology:

We do post processing to get high surface quality and to increase the strength of the printed part.

We have expertise for post processing. They have experience with delivering hundreds of models.

So go ahead and send us your enquiry over info@3dera.in  or you can contact us through contact us.

Services provided by 3D Era Technology:

  • 3D printing in FDM, SLA, SLS.
  • Plastic product design
  • CAD design services
  • 3D printing in Metal and Plastic material

We also provide free 3D printing consultation. For any query or doubt you can call us on 8007986969.

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