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3d printing services pune maharashtra

3D Era Tech providing a 3D Printing Services Pune Maharashtra.

We are serving for 200+ customers from all over the India.

In order to give you the best 3d printing services, we practise the following steps

  • Understand the exact requirements and application of the 3D model.
  • Finalize the process to create Physical 3D model i.e. SLA, SLS or FDM. (3D Printing Processes)
  • According an application of the model and strength requirement, we suggest the material. (3D Printing Materials)
  • Finalize the colour of the model (choice is completely depend on client).
  • Then we start with actual 3D printing process.
  • After creating 3D model, we pass it through post processing to achieve high quality surface finish. (3D Model Post Processing)

Our technical expertise helps you throughout the process.

If you have any query, call us on +91-7030390404

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