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5 ways 3D printing could change the world



5) Prosthetic Limbs

There are many reasons why 3D printed prosthetics make sense, and why this particular technology promises to be the way forward for physically unique people. The prosthetic-making process is a difficult one. In addition, it is an expensive process.
The main benefits of 3D printed prosthetics include:
Cost: A commercially-made prosthetic typically costs between Rs. 3 lac and Rs. 30 Lac. But 3D printed prosthetic will cost Rs.10,000 to Rs. 50,000
Speed: A 3D printed prosthetic limb can usually be made in a day. In comparison, it generally takes weeks or even months to produce and calibrate regular prosthetic limbs.
Versatility: Prosthetics made from 3D printing can be easily customized, and created to suit the owner.

4) Replacement Parts for Almost Anything.

Probably everyone has experienced the frustration of having to junk an old, long-dependable appliance that would work just fine, if only you could find replacement parts. But that’s likely to change, thanks to 3-D printing, which may enable you to simply 3D design the parts with help of professional likes 3D Era, and get 3D printed part.

3) The Future of food: Home chocolate printer

Anything that can be pushed through a hollow needle can be 3D printed. The process is similar to a chef pushing cream or custard through a spout to make a fancy design, except the machine repeats this process over and over, and is much more accurate. The confections were created by spreading a thin layer of flavored sugar and painting water on top of it using a jet print head. This generated a substance of hardened crystals. Not only was the finished product edible, but the makers could actually create candies in unusual geometric shapes, and even fashion sweets with moving parts.

2) 3D Printed House

Using this brand new technology (3D PRINTING) along with Advancements in material science and insulation, we can build a house in a day, Generate its own power and portable water, Last hundreds of years and be as affordable as a stick built house.
Why are using 3D printing?
• Affordability, with less waste
• Super strong housing (can resist winds of up to 220 MPH)
• Net Zero energy consumption (meaning the amount of energy used is equal to amount produced)
• Water through rain water catchment
• The use of natural materials

1) Transplant organs

The news has been full of stories about new advancements in 3D printed tissue. So far, printed tissue is being used mostly for pharmaceutical drug testing, but everyone in the 3D printing biosphere professes the ultimate goal of eventually producing whole, fully functional human organs that can be transplanted into patients. Most experts agree that it will happen; it’s just a matter of when.
Scientists are hoping that bio printing someday will enable them to arrange cells so precisely that they can mimic the function of human organs, making them useful for testing new drugs or even as organ transplants.
Tissue and organ printer is an important advance in our quest to make replacement tissue for patients

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