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  • FDM means Fused Deposition Modelling. It is one of the most used 3D printing technology across the globe. FDM 3D Printing is the easiest and cheapest form of 3D printing. FDM 3D Printing is an additive manufacturing practice used by several manufacturing companies. Yes, it is easiest and most used 3D printing technology, however, it has its own set of problems. These can be tackled, in fact, the industry has been working to make FDM 3D Printing better. FDM 3D printing is a time-consuming process. It takes good time for printing the object. However, the objects printed using FDM 3D
  • 3D Printing by 3D Era Tech
    Printing is not dying, it is accelerating with full throttle. Computers and new age technology are boosting printing and making it a vibrant market. This is new age printing. It is not classic paper printing, it is a 3D printing, the futuristic technology ruling the world. The 3D printing means experiencing the product in real and not just visualization. It is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Most of the big companies including Nike, Amazon, BMW, General Electric, Boeing, Toyota, and several others are using 3D printing in one way or the other to make production quality and
  • 3D Printing contributed in product development
    The manufacturing industry is booming in India, thanks to the pro-development policies by the Government of India. The initiatives like ‘Make in India’ are helping industries to upgrade the manufacturing practices and supporting them to adopt new technologies to meet the global standards. 3D Printing is one of such technologies industries are adapting, especially for product development, to make precise products. Interestingly, Pune has emerged the hub of 3D Printing in India, thanks to large manufacturing industries including OEMs in and around Pune. 3D Printing in Pune is one of the most cost-effective services in the entire country.   The first step
  •              So, thinking of buying a 3D printer after hearing & reading the wonders it can make happen ?          Well, there are so many things to be considered while buying a 3D printer like, the type of 3D printer you want, kind of things you want to print mostly, the specifications of machines, most important budget and everything. But before all the things, the very 1st question to ask yourself is  Should I really Buy a 3D printer?       Yes, the first thing you should think before making a purchase
  •   In the coming years it’s going to be difficult to find an industry that won’t have an impact of 3D printing. All industrial sectors of the economy will be so influenced by this technology that one day we will look back shocked and wonder at how processes used to be handled in a pre 3D printing world. Now the obvious question arises in our mind is exactly where and how it’s going to have an impact? Retail : Every customer has an urge to customize the products they purchase. Bryan Oknyansky, a lecturer at Regent’s University London, says that, in coming next
  • 1. A Rock Climbing Robot! A Robot which had soft rubbery 3D printed legs showed its superb ability to climb over a Rough Terrain,  ‘A Task which could paralyze normal traditional robots.’ Engineers from University of California, San Diego,  designed the robot’s legs digitally & carved its performance in various situations, for eg. like, on a soft surface, sandy surface, in narrow spaces or when climbing over rocks. They chose a design that consisted of three spiral-like connected tubes which are hollow inside and made from a combination of Hard & sorf materials. As they take a step, the 3D
  •     5) Prosthetic Limbs There are many reasons why 3D printed prosthetics make sense, and why this particular technology promises to be the way forward for physically unique people. The prosthetic-making process is a difficult one. In addition, it is an expensive process. The main benefits of 3D printed prosthetics include: Cost: A commercially-made prosthetic typically costs between Rs. 3 lac and Rs. 30 Lac. But 3D printed prosthetic will cost Rs.10,000 to Rs. 50,000 Speed: A 3D printed prosthetic limb can usually be made in a day. In comparison, it generally takes weeks or even months to produce

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