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Plastic Product Design Services in India

Plastic product design services in India are in huge demand

If we look around us, there is 60-70% of things are made up of Plastic. In daily routine we almost use 80% of plastic things. Like tooth brush, bucket, water bottles, chairs, tables, Fans etc.

It seems a huge plastic market in India and if we look at the graphs drawn by the analysts, it shows exponential growth in plastic product consumption. Now days recycling of plastic are quite easy. So many industries are turning their focus towards new plastic product development.

Our company gives best solution for new product design as well as re-engineering over existing product.

In-house product design team

We listen to our customers – a good start you may think – and then create a design to meet our customer’s needs. We have the experience to focus on a wide range of design requirements:

  • Aesthetics
  • Cost
  • Manufacturing requirements.
  • Quality and repeatability
  • Mechanical properties

Our capabilities & processes

Our capabilities include:

  • CAD expertise.
  • Full 3D rendering and photo realistic model development
  • ‘Walk through’ 3D rendering of products modelled in user environment
  • Material selection
  • Design for manufacturing.

Benefits of working with us

Successful design is not only about creative thinking:

Our passion for product design is equaled by our commitment to manufacturing and delivering quality components economically though our manufacturing facility in hull. Our design capabilities also focus on creating design solutions that meet exacting targets on cost, agreed specifications, quality standards and ease of manufacture.

We have the creativity, the knowledge, experience, and the commercial sensitivity to be a strong partner for all aspects of your new product development.

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