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Rapid Prototyping Services in Pune

How 3D Printing involve in Rapid prototyping Services in Pune?

With our experience, we found that every design engineer should have power to convert his designs into real physical parts. So, he can check how close his designs to reality.

3D Printing is the best solution to convert the designs into actual parts.

Previously Rapid prototyping was executed through the process of cutting, drilling and filling over different materials like Metal, Wood, Acrylic sheets. But it takes number of days to create a simple prototype with lots of efforts.

But now 3D printing brought easiest way to create prototypes in very less time period with high accuracy.

 3D Era Technology provides Rapid Prototyping Services in Pune

Steps followed by our company to create prototypes

  • Either get the model design from client or create design as per client’s requirements in .stl or .igs format.
  • Designs get verified by our Design Verification Team.
  • Selection of material and colour of the material (No. of choices available for material and colour, check 3D printing materials).
  • We print 3D part with our 3D printing machine.
  • Then it gets post process to achieve finest surface quality.
  • Then it will get passes through Quality check to assure the quality of the Product.

If you see, only few steps are required to convert your design into actual part (i.e. Rapid prototyping) with 3D printing.

We take only 1-2 working days to deliver your proto.

Go ahead and make your first order. For more details Contact us

We provide free consultation to convert your design or idea into actual prototype.

We always keep your rapid prototypes……..Rapid.

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