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SLA 3D Printing


Stereolithography is a light-based process that builds individual layers of a model with liquid polymer, hardened by a laser beam.

The laser is directed and controlled by two galvanometers. After each layer, the resin tank peels away to release the hardened material. The build platform then moves up from 25 to 200 microns, depending on the chosen layer height, to prepare for the process of solidifying the next layer.

The part appears to be built upside down, which is called inverse stereolithography. Here we do 3d printing in resin, 3D Printing in accura60 (transparent in color), 3D printing in accura25(white in color).


We have in-house SLA 3D printing facility to print parts in resin material the accuracy of 50-100 microns.

SLA Material available at 3D Era are:

  • White color resin
  • Grey color resin
  • Transparent color resin (80-85% transparency)

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