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SLS 3D Printing


Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) is a third and highly versatile additive manufacturing process that creates solid parts by tracing a laser beam, focused onto a thin layer of powder, in a 2D pattern.

The powder is heated and fused into a solid connected pattern as it absorbs the electromagnetic radiation emitted from the laser.

3D structures are fabricated by repeating this process layer-by-layer as new layers of power are laid over the previously fused layers.

A key advantage of SLS is the ability to construct overhanging regions which are either inaccessible using other processes or possible only with appropriate support materials.

In SLS, unfused powder lying outside of the fused pattern remains within the build volume and acts as support material for subsequent layers, enabling the formation of dramatic overhangs and bifurcations.

We have in-house facility to do 3d printing in powder, 3d printing in Nylon (i.e. Nylon 3D Printing).

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