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SLS 3D printing


Selective laser sintering (SLS) 3D printing is a popular choice of for engineers In a product development. SLS 3D printing firstly developed in 1980 by Dr.carlceckard  and Dr.joe at the texax university in Austin.

in SLS 3D to printing machine from the used of high powered laser to “sinter” or solidify to powdered plastic material. the same concept has since developed to work in the various materials like glass, metals, and ceramics.

In SLS almost all process parameters are set by the machine manufacturer. The default layer height used is 100-120 microns. In SLS 3D printing

the bond strength between layer is excellent.a key advantage of SLS is that it needs no support structures.from that reason

parts with hollow sections can be printed easily and accurately.

In the SLS 3D printing thermoplastics(nylon)materials used.SLS required no support, so designs complex geomatries can be easily produced good chemical resistance.

SLS in 3D printing applications sinfully functional plastic parts, a suitable replacement for injection molded parts, military hardware rapid prototypes, aerospace hardware, medical and healthcare.

Many inventions are still going on the SLS 3D printing.in future 3d printing industry has a very bright future.

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