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After the invention of 3D printing in the 1980s, industries were excited about the progress of this new technology was undergoing. By 2000s people were dreaming about printing things at the convenience of their homes and watch miracles happen every day. Some even expected 3D printers to become as common as a microwave. Everything seemed to come from some sci-fi movie. Until it was not. What Happened? Manufacturing of 3D printers for mass consumers failed for many reasons. These 3D printers did not match consumer’s expectations. They were bought into production for masses when the technology was a fledgling. While
The Conceptual understanding of 3D Printing Technology (For Start-ups in 3D Printing) 3D Printing Materials Market, By Type Plastic Metal Ceramic 3D Printing Materials Market, By Form Filament Powder Liquid 3D Printing Materials Market, By Technology FDM SLS SLA DMLS 3D Printing Materials Market, By Application Prototyping Manufacturing 3D Printing Materials Market, By End-Use Industry Aerospace & Défense Healthcare Automotive Consumer Goods Construction 3D Printing Materials Market, By Region Bangalore Hyderabad Coimbatore Noida Delhi Mumbai Pune Nagpur Competitive Attributes Product Offering Business Strategy Market Ranking Competitive Scenario New Product Development Expansion & Investment Merger & Acquisition Joint Venture & Partnership
The medical sector with additive manufacturing. 3D printing, also identify as additive manufacturing technology is playing a key role in the medical field. This technology started to save and ease the lives of physically disabled people, and for the people who need an organ replacement. 3D printing also gives customization in medicines: – Enabled Customization – Prototyping manufacturing – For research work The field of application for 3D printing is broad, allowing researchers and scientist to go beyond general medical practice. We will see how 3D printing technology advancing and benefiting the medical field. MEDICAL TOOLS AND DEVICES with 3D
Implement your Imagination: We can now 3D print almost anything that we can imagine. In a relatively short time, an idea, concept, dream or invention can go from a simple thought to a produced part that you imagine. Speed Up The Product Development Cycle: 3D printing allows a company think tank to convert their ideas faster than ever. Being able to 3D print a concept the same day, helping companies stay one step ahead of the competition. Save Money: 3D Printing avoids the initial heavy investments of tool or dies manufacturing. The 3D printing process allows the creation of parts
Trends in 3D Printing for 2018 2018 has been a demanding year for the 3D printing companies, with many new competitors appearing in the global market, as well as infinite new collaborations and innovations. In such a dynamic industry, we are just simply thinking that what future this technology will bring to the human life and its social structure. As we 3D Era Tech has few industry experts and visionaries from the field of this modern technology called 3D Printing Technology and we had a discussion with them to know the future trends with 3D Printing Services in India.  
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