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Vacuum Casting

Why Vacuum Casting 3d printing?

  • Vacuum Casting is a cost-effective and fast prototyping method which is typically applicable to manufacture small numbers ( up to 20) of highly accurate (material: polyurethane) parts.vaccum casting gives you good dimensional accuracy and good surface finish.

Vacuum Casting  3d printing Process:

  • It is a slightly slower process compare to SLA 3D Printing because of the additional steps involved in the process, some of which are manually intensive compared to 3D printing. The time to manufacture depends on the desired characteristics of the part, with size being a key factor as this affects the curing time of the material.
  • Parts are made from a master mould, which is created with reference to the part manufacture using the SLA 3D printing in resin. The mould is made from silicone rubber, and the casting made by pouring liquid or semi-solid material into the mould in a vacuum chamber.
  • The result is a bubble free casting, ideal for highly accurate, functional plastic prototype parts in very fine detail which replicate patterns, dimensions, profiles, and textures.
  • Vacuum Casting can also produce parts with varying degrees of flexibility or rigidity, in a wide range of colors and materials – as well as clear parts.

Vacuum Casting  3d printing at 3D Era Technology

3D Era Technology has in-house facility to do vacuum casting. We have expertise team to execute this process.

You can use the parts provided by us as a final product e.g. for functional testing and marketing.

But remember not every supplier of vaccum casting can produce the fine level of detail required, where 3D Era team has already achieved 50+ customers requirements.

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